Everything Old is New Again

Gearing up again at American Zen studio; recently the latest upgrade sees us running the entire Universal Audio catalog including the Lexicon 480L and just last week I installed the SSL Native package. These are great additions to our big collection of Waves, Soundtoys, and Plugin Alliance plugins.

SSL Native 6 bundle

SSL Native 6 bundle

Although it’s a great spot to overdub, it is ideal for mixing remotely or with a client or two. With all the plugins in the box and a great rack of analog gear available through a Dangerous Music summing amp I can have the same gear I would use when mixing in a large studio at a fraction of the price for my clients.

Top of the line analog compression!

Top of the line analog compression!

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What's new this Fall

August and September were busy with the recording and mixing of season 2 of “The Butterfly Effect” on Audible. A very capable band was put together featuring Thomas Hamlin (Black 47) on drums, Deni Bonet on violin, and Rich Campbell on keys. The scores for 30 various cues were composed by Joel Ronson with tracking done at the amazing sounding Sound on Sound Studios. (Many thanks to Tony, Victoria, and Dave.)

Drums ready for tracking The Butterfly Effect season 2.

Drums ready for tracking The Butterfly Effect season 2.

Editing, mixing, and mastering took place at The Wave Lab NYC. While encamped at the studio I also mixed “Rainy Day” for Honestly Nowhere featuring my friend Sammy Merendino on drums. Co-produced with Joel Ronson we cut vocals on the Blue Bottle mic and mastered with our friend AJ Tissian.

BFE 2.jpg

Late Summer News

It's been a busy Spring and Summer with a lot of projects with Joel Ronson. Mixing took place for a few new Professor N.E. Where tracks at American Zen with mastering for Professor N.E.Where, Sir Gregory, and Sid taking place at The Wave Lab NYC

Mixing at The Wave Lab

Mixing at The Wave Lab

Having gotten my start at Mediasound studios, going to the Power Station to record and mix for young composer William Gigierich was a step back to the hey days of the large NYC studios and a fun time for sure.

w gigs session.jpg

More is brewing so stay tuned...



Late Winter Update

Mixing continues with the Luico Hopper project. In mid project we switched platforms to Studio One by Presonus. I have to say it is a much more intuitive user experience. A few more days and we will be ready to master.

Mastered and released is where we find Joel Ronson's EP, "Cobb's Defection." It was a lot of fun working on this project. We tracked at Sound on Sound Studios which sounded great with help and support from Mike Rachlin, David Amlen, and, Tony Drootin. Overdubs and mixing took place at American Zen Studios and finally mastered with UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound. Check it out on the Projects page!

How 2018 is shaping up

2018 finds me smack in the middle of mixing a collection of titles for my friend Luico Hopper (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luico_Hopper) These tracks are played by some of the best musical talent in the NYC area and mixing them is a real pleasure. It's also my first time using the Softube Console One mk2. I am using it in conjunction with Logic X and it is proving to be a handy plugin editor as well as providing many channel strip functions and additional processing.

In the coming weeks I will be working with Joel Ronson www.joelronson.com on a series of projects that we will be working together on. Stay tuned for updates as well as a joint Facebook page!

In the meantime some things are brewing in the back so stay tuned.